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Hey! My name is Abby, your
soon-to-be Marketing Manager 

CEO & Founder of Kittykat Media

I believe that business is evolving in 2024. People are sick of the same old marketing jargon. They want content that feels real and resonates with them on a deeper level. 

That's exactly why I created Kittykat Media, to uplift conscious creatives & change makers that are ready to take the world by storm - social media storm that its.

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My Origin Story

My story begins in the heart of the oil sands industry, in Fort McMurray, Alberta. For 20 years, I grew up there and saw first-hand the effects of the resource extraction industry; both on the environment and on individuals who worked there. My heart hurt to look around me and see so many people in my community who were disconnected, from the earth and from themselves. When Covid hit and my world started to crumble, I felt it was Great Spirit calling me into something greater... to begin to live a more deeply authentic and embodied life! A life lead completely by my heart... surrounded by intentional community.

I created Kittykat Media to be a brand that could show the power of authenticity in marketing and conscious content creation. I wanted to help visionary creators actually make waves and be seen by the world in their authenticity. I believe the revolution will not be televised, but it will be on social media.


Many people detest social media, but I find that its a place of great transparency, love and sharing. So many creators use this platform as a way of reaching out to others in the world that share their experience and resonate with their mission. There is a movement now, towards showing up more authentically on social media and doing away with these picture perfect illusions of life. 


My mission is to cultivate connection & community in the digital and physical worlds as much as possible, to learn to self govern and self sustain ourselves, and develop culture of a village again. Intentional community is my path towards a more beautiful tomorrow, and I am so honoured to work with brands and organizations that share my values. 

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Ana Vahcic

Front-end Website Developer

Ana is a web developer that is passionate about bringing new ideas to life by creating engaging and responsive websites. She loves minimalism, sustainability, and working with brands who are making a positive impact in the world.

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Nathan Sargeant

Founder of Entruvia

Nate is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in Digital Artwork, 3D Animation, and Visual Branding. His work is driven by my passion for the arts and the vast possibilities that lie within the creative spirit of us all.

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Polly Or

Organic Engagement Specialist

Polly is a dedicated communitarian always looking for new ways to connect their community through art, great food, and storytelling. They specialize in copywriting, social media engagement, and ethical marketing.

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Meet the rest of our Team

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girl with purple hair and kittykat ears sitting by the waterfall of Fairy Creek

Authenticity is medicine in the age of content. 

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All Rights Reserved

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