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reVillager Kickstarter


A Platform for Village-Making

reVillager is a Vancouver Island-based tech startup that has built an app to support local intentional community development. They approached me seeking an all-around marketing manager for their upcoming Kickstarter Campaign. They had custom graphics to use, and wanted templates and posts written to connect with their unique online community. 

We began with a revamp of their account, optimizing their name for relevant keywords & bio for summarizing what they do. You can see more of our work below.

Screen Shot 2023-06-07 at 9.41.16 PM.png

Together, we created a content strategy, posting everyday with weekly podcast reels, custom branded graphics and photos from their events. Within 2 months we had more than doubled their follower count and helped them raise over 50K on Kickstarter. 

By providing authentic and captivating instagram content, we were able to achieve a high engagement rate of 17%! Now they have grown their email list by 10x and are able use their new funds for their app development. 

We did it graphic (Banner (Landscape)) (3).png

Abby has been a huge part of our success in our recent Kickstarter project and an absolute delight to work with!

She’s been heading our social media marketing, newsletters and crowdfunding updates.

She created consistently compelling content with beautifully designed beautiful graphic posts for our socials, with a clear talent for branding and storying. 

With her help, we have grown our audience by 500% over the past 2 months!  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for support in getting your message out and building their audience!

Jasper Sircus | CEO of reVillager

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