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Herding Cats Collective

Herding Cats Collective

Urban Intentional Community

Herding Cats Collective is an urban intentional community home and aspiring ecovillage. They provide spaces for visionary leaders to be empowered, work together and develop their intention of living a more connected life. 

Herding Cats connected with me when they were seeking to have more of a digital online presence. They had their resident cartoonist draw up their logo, we created brand colors and incorporated those into the logo, their instagram content and their logo. 

We began by posting 3x a week for over 6 months and were able to build the account from scratch to over 400 followers with only organic reach. Since then, they have been receiving consistent messages and emails from people inspired by their organization and seeking to live with them or get involved. 

Screen Shot 2023-06-08 at 12.21.47 PM.png

We worked on the website text, writing her bio & all the little phrases around the site so her core message would shine through. We also worked with her on how we wanted to explain and display her services and events. Using almost all original images from Adele, we were able to capture her energy in her website and she was very happy with the result. 

Now her clients have an easy time booking her services and a clear idea of what she is all about. She feels so confident in her site, she's now embarked with us to designing business cards and get started on crafting social media content for her. 

Screen Shot 2023-06-08 at 12.25.04 PM.png
Herding Cats Poster - NVC (1).png

We created this poster to promote their NVC Workshop, with matching social media share graphic with your custom branding style and colors. 

Now that Herding Cats has Instagram Content to draw people in and a website to give them more information about their organization, they are connecting with more like-minded community than ever before! All this combined with a Google My Business Profile and an updated profile on Foundation for Intentional Communities means Herding Cats is officially on the map and easy to find for communitarians in Calgary seeking a more alternative and connected way of life. 


Abby's proficiency in conscious business practices transformed our social media presence at Herding Cats Collective (HCC). She quickly understood our mission and we trusted her with significant autonomy. Her dedication and integrity made our social media journey seamless and enjoyable. Since working with Abby, we have a waitlist for the first time, with individuals eager to participate in our urban eco-village in Calgary. Abby's commitment and professionalism would be a valuable asset to many cultural edge working organizations.

Louis Marceau | Founder of Herding Cats Collective

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