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Adele Gendron

Adele Gendron

Spiritual Living Coach

Adele is a spiritual mentor & healer that serves executives, teachers & leaders to come back into their identity as unconditional love.


Adele came to us requesting a sophisticated website to enable her clients to book sessions online and display the scope of her services & event offerings. She felt very inspired by the monad (unity symbol) & the colors of the sun, so we incorporated those pieces into her website, logo & overall branding. We created a color palette, design style aesthetic & built it all into her beautiful Squarespace site. 

Screen Shot 2023-06-07 at 10.20.19 PM.png

We worked on the website text, writing her bio & all the little phrases around the site so her core message would shine through. We also worked with her on how we wanted to explain and display her services and events. Using almost all original images from Adele, we were able to capture her energy in her website and she was very happy with the result. 

Now her clients have an easy time booking her services and a clear idea of what she is all about. She feels so confident in her site, she's now embarked with us to designing business cards and get started on crafting social media content for her. 


Abby is a highly skilled, intuitive and a conscious  website designer. Her work embodies the perfect balance between between beautiful design and functionality. She is focused, clear and will gently push you through any blocks and get the job done. I highly recommend working with her.

Adele Gendron | Spiritual Living Coach

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